Backup your BlackBerry Media!

Since I work in the mobile phone industry I hear all kinds of stories about lost or damaged phones and people almost cry when they lose everything on their phones due to this. Here I hope to remind everyone the importance of backing up and how simple it is.

People use their phones to capture many different moments in their lives by either snapping a quick photo or recording a short video. We trust our mobile devices with all these precious memories and we often forget to save this somewhere just in case something bad happens. I know this feeling personally and don’t wish it upon anyone.

With every BlackBerry device I have owned Research In Motion has made it very easy for me to sync all of these memories to my PC so that I have a copy of them if something bad were to ever happen to my devices. First you will need to install BlackBerry Desktop Manager if you haven’t already done so. Once you properly setup Desktop Manger under the Media -> Options tab  you can simply plug-in your BlackBerry device and everything will sync automatically. With Desktop Manager I have it setup to backup and sync daily even if I don’t plug my device in every day so that when I do plug it in everything backs up and I don’t need to sync everything one at a time.

Some people hate Desktop Manager or maybe they can’t install it so another way to back up your photos and videos by plugging in your BlackBerry and selecting “USB Drive” so that your computer will recognize the phone and media card memory. Once this is done you can just navigate your way to the drives listed on your computer and you should see two new names appear which in my case is BlackBerry (phone memory) and Flashop32 (media card). Now you can explore all the contents on your device and media card and pick and choose what you want to backup or just select it all and drag it to your folder of choice.

This is important for all users of all different platforms to make sure they do. Find out how to sync your device to your computer so you don’t end up losing it all like so many people have done in the past.