BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Dock

I came across an issue with my PlayBook charging pod the other day and thanks to people on twitter it seemed the issue was common and easy to fix. Several people suggested cleaning the connectors. I did this very quick and not very thorough so it still didn’t work. When I looked closer at the connectors on the PlayBook I noticed the 3 pins had a concave and they looked dark in the center. Once I saw this I grabbed a tooth pick and a compressed air can to clean it out. It didn’t take long to clean this out and now my PlayBook charges as good as the day I got the charging dock.

For cleaning the charging stand itself I just use a q-tip to wipe away any dust that has built up around the connector to make sure the PlayBook is smoothly on the stand. I recommend doing this often so that you don’t have those moments when it just refuses to charge or appears that it’s charging till you wake up the next day and find that your PlayBook wont turn on and freak out. I was extremely upset the first time I woke up to a dead PlayBook while it was on the charger and don’t want to have that happen again.

For those that are wondering what is on my phone’s battery charger I figured I would let you know that’s a sticker from @pootermobile. Check out if you like or want to see more of his handy work