BlackBerry Traffic

Some people may think you need to be on the go all the time to new places to benefit from an application like BlackBerry Traffic but I think otherwise. Often times where I live there can be 2-3 different ways to get somewhere with roughly the same amount of time just depends on the traffic for that day and time you plan on leaving.

Now the reason I have come to love this app is it has saved me from being late several times after I snooze one too many times in the morning. This has done so by telling me the ETA and traffic conditions based on color for two different routes to my destination. Since it gives me choices and ETA for both routes it’s easy for me to pick which route I’m going to take with having to study the traffic conditions on some traffic website before I leave. This cuts down on time figuring out my route. I use this a lot for work and since I know how to get to work I just fire up the app simply to get the traffic report and once I know how I’m getting to work I just close that app.

I really like the dual route options in this and haven’t found another app that does the same thing. Now I love Google maps and I was a little disappointed that BlackBerry Traffic runs off of Bing maps but to be honest I haven’t come across any issues with it. I remember when I used an Android phone you could open Google maps and view the traffic layer just like you could with the Google maps app on a BlackBerry but if it doesn’t tell you the travel time for the different routes then you’re really just staring at some red and yellow lines hoping you can decipher them well enough to guess which way is faster.

As an added bonus for those that don’t already know BlackBerry Traffic gives audible turn by turn directions now so you can use it for more than just traffic and have it direct you to your destination. Once I really started using and understanding this app it quickly moved up to my top 5 used apps.