Simple Note Taking

I work for a retailer of a cell phone company and remember several months back our BlackBerry rep came in to ask us questions about sales, accessories, problems, etc like all manufacture reps and took notes from our responses and suggestions.

Now the reason I’m choosing to write about this is because of how she took down the notes during this particular visit. She had her 9930 in hand at all times and was just flying on the keyboard taking down everything we were throwing at her. For whatever reason this didn’t stand out to me much till our next manufacture rep came in with a trusty old pen and paper and just seemed old fashioned and slow with the note taking.

I started doing stuff like this on my phone and it started to make much more sense because I could just simply copy and paste this info right into and email without having to type it all up after just handwriting it. If I wanted to wait to get it onto a pc or laptop I could wait and just sync with desktop manager and all my notes are immediately transferred to my pc for easy access later.

Now some people will say they are faster at typing on a computer and that’s probably true but if you figure in the time to hand write all the your notes and then type them all up on the computer I guarantee it would have been a lot faster from your phone.

I remember seeing stories of some music artists that use their BlackBerry phone to write lyrics and I recently saw a story that a guy wrong up an entire autobiography on his smartphone that also happened to be a BlackBerry.

For me personally I find it easier to input everything on my BlackBerry Bold 9930 and use a pc/tablet for viewing it later if needed. My phone is always on and with me so I never have to worry about finding a pen and paper or firing up a laptop to take down some important notes.

This is a simple feature I think a lot of people over look on their smart phones. We type on our mobile devices more then we realize and become quite quick on them over time so quick note taking would seem logical on these devices rather then resorting to older and slower methods.