Simple Blackberry Features Commonly Overlooked

People are always asking me why I stay with BlackBerry who currently have one or already left to try another platform. My answer is always that I’m efficient with my BlackBerry and it gets things done well. I’m able to maneuver around my BlackBerry faster than anyone I have seen and its all thanks to some simple little shortcuts that are now basic to me on a BlackBerry. These aren’t “advanced user” methods I’m going to explain but these are just simple things anyone can do to make their BlackBerry experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry has the dial from home screen feature enable by default but if disabled it opens up a lot of shortcuts for you. From home screen press the BlackBerry key -> options -> launch by typing -> change to Application Shortcuts. Now to do the same thing you did before when dialing from the home screen you just need to press the call button then type.

P – Phone/Dialer/Call log
T – Tasks
U – Calculator
O – Options
A – Address Book
S – Search
D – Memo Pad/Notes
H – Help
K – Lock keypad (when password enabled)
L – Calendar
M – Messages
B – Browser
N – BlackBerry Messenger
V – Saved messages
C – Compose Email

These simple shortcuts make basic navigation of the phone quick and easy. Only one I didn’t like at first was N for BBM but I got use to it and like that its next to my main messages shortcut. If you want to dive deeper into the power of shortcuts there is an app called ShortcutMe to make more powerful shortcuts.

Autotext/Word Substitution

I overlooked this for a long time as well. Simple things like making r = are and u = you can help speed up your texting and maybe keep your emails a little more professional. You can use it for more then just 1 word as well. You can make 2 letters write a whole paragraph if needed. Very powerful tool if used right but always remember to back up your phone cause setting these backup is never fun if lost. You can either use Desktop Manager to do it or Auto Text Backup app and doing it OTA.

This is a shortcut I made to quickly reply to someone saying “I’m busy with a customer” by only typing 3 letters.

Simple Blackberry word shortcut.

This reminds me that this also works for #FF (FollowFriday) for you twitter junkies. (#blameitonBrock)

Memo Pad

This app is great for saving information on just about everything from grocery lists to product keys for apps/programs. I use to jot down notes about what my girlfriend might like for her birthday or Christmas because without my phone handy to “write it down” I would never remember. People often ask for links to sites or app downloads and I have a memo saved for most of them so that I can just open the app type a word that is in the memo and I have it right in front of me.


This is a simple feature that allows me to quickly share and save information. Hold down the shift key and scroll with your track pad to select an area of text. Now if you hold alt and press down on the track pad you will copy the text. This doesn’t always work with web links cause sometimes it will try to open the link instead of copy it. In this case you can press menu and select copy. You can also “cut” the selected text by holding alt and pressing the delete key. Finally to paste the text you have copied or cut you just hold shift and press the track pad.

Last shortcut is the easiest and I’m sure most know it already. Double tap the space key and you get the . (period) punctuation. This auto capitalizes the next letter you type as well.