Keeping Wallet Light with Blackberry

I like to keep my wallet as light as possible to avoid the bulky wallet in my back pocket. I normally only use my ID and debit card on day to day use and everything else just adds bulk to my wallet. I bought a Case-Mate ID Case for my Bold 9650. I normally don’t use a case on my phone to keep it slim as possible. This case is like the barely there case also made by case-mate just a little thicker in the back to make room for 2 cards of your choice.

Only draw back to this case is that a very small part of my camera gets distorted when taking a picture with my cards in the case. It only effects about the bottom 5% of the screen so nothing crazy and the rest of the picture turns out fine.

A great app I have found to go along with this case so that I don’t really lose the “junk” in my wallet is called Key Ring which is found in App World for FREE! This app creates bar codes for each rewards card you carry in your wallet so you can just flash your phone to the cashier and start saving from your phone.

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