My Top 5 Apps

1: Quicklaunch – $4.99

This has to be my most used and favorite app hands down on my device. I’m all about being efficient with my Blackberry and just about everything I do in my life. This is a very powerful tool for people like me. I have shortcuts setup for things I do the most like view picture folder (space, P), twitter (space, t) and many other apps that don’t have shortcuts. My favorite is the google search function built into Quicklaunch which I set to Space, G for quick google searches. I can often find things before any iPhone or Android user with that shortcut even with my inferior browser. The ability to create folders to keep your list from getting to long is a nice feature as well so you can “hide” the apps you have hot-keyed making it easier to scroll to what you haven’t.

Someone suggested ShortcutMe not to long ago and I watched the youtube video explaining its and that too looks like an even more powerful app then QL but I don’t want to buy another app when QL works perfectly for me as it is. If you don’t have either already check out both and see what you like better.

2: FileScout – $4.99

This app is just an awesome file explorer for your phone that makes finding any kind of file on your phone easy to find and share if needed. I view work documents a lot especially my work schedule for my staff and this makes it so easy access. The ZIP/UNZIP feature is nice as well and didn’t think I would be able to do this from my phone before finding this app.

3: BeBuzz – $4.99

I have set customer ringtones for every notification on my phone from day one but I find that I now keep my phone on vibrate more then anything so the different sounds don’t do anything for me anymore. With this app I can customize the color of the blinking LED for each notification just like I did the sounds before. Now if your like me and seeing that light is like an itch you have to scratch then this app will help dull that pain a little. Now just glancing at the color that is blinking I know if its an email (work or personal)/bbm/text/twitter (@ or DM)/facebook and so on which makes my decision of checking it right then and there much easier. Some colors are more important then others to me. You can even customize colors for specific people so you never ignore them.

4: BeReader – $9.99

I recently fell in love with google reader and don’t know why I didn’t sooner. This syncs everything from your google reader to your Blackberry and has easy options for sharing to email/twitter/facebook. If you are a big google reader fan this is a must have app that is worth the price. I get most of my news now right on my phone while on the go instead of reading it all at once when I get home or wake up. Much nicer getting my news throughout the day instead of all at once.

5: Memopad – FREE and native

I cant believe I use to completely under use this app for so long. I didn’t start using this app to its fullest till I saw a guy on the trolley just blazing away on his phone switching between Memopad and browser checking different sites and tracking packages/orders online right from his phone with such ease. I now use my Memopad for just about everything and since its so easy to find stuff as long as you title each one appropriately. I use it for logins at work I cant remember, app codes, gift ideas, drink recipes I find, links I use/share, and so much more. I have anywhere from 20-30 memos at all times. Some are short term ones but most are long term that I keep handy to easily copy/paste at a later time.

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