InstaPhoto Blackberry App

The new InstaPhoto app that just came out for Blackberry devices is a nice little photo app that comes with some preloaded photo effects and allow quick and easy posting to facebook/twitter. You can either edit an existing photo or use the Quick Post icon to open camera and select a default effect and once picture is taken it saves it and posts it to twitter/facebook for you.

This app was already on the Playbook first but I didn’t pick it up till it hit the phone recently. Since the app has the same name and I use same appworld login for both I bought it on my Bold then grabbed my Playbook and searched for the app but it requested me to purchase it. I decided to look in the “uninstalled” list on my Playbook and there it was Instaphoto just showed “reinstall” and bam now I have it on both for the price of one.

Not sure if it will work if purchased from Playbook first but check phones uninstalled list in appworld and see.

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