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So just like phones there are a lot of case options out for tablets. I have looked at most and read reviews on them as well to pick the ones I have purchased. I currently have 3 cases for my Playbook and don’t think I will be purchasing any more because I got all my areas covered with the ones I have. I’m going to talk all 3 in the order I purchased them.

First one I got was the DODOcase thanks to the review that I got from @rezn over at BerryFication. This case had the best look and feel out of any case I have gotten for my Playbook. Very solid feel and good protection. The “stand” option was kinda weak with this case but when laying it flat the case does tilt it a little up in the back and that makes it nice for typing or viewing on a desk. Only thing I didn’t like with the case was the lack of a camera hole but it is easy to get the device out of the case to take a picture if needed. I honestly don’t find myself taking many pictures with my Playbook even with its great picture quality so this isn’t a deal breaker on the case for me. I like this case for work because it has a very clean professional look to it. I also get people asking me if its a book all the time so makes someone stealing my “book” a lot less likely with this case on it.

Click here to view more images of this case.

Second is the Otterbox Defender. I wasn’t always a big fan of the defenders on the Blackberry phones in the past because they made them just too bulky for my liking. I decided to buy one after watching a few youtube videos about the case and reading some posts on Crackberry about it. When I got this case I was instantly in love with it. This case felt so good and natural in my hands it was amazing. The protective screen that goes over the touch screen didn’t dull the touch much to me. Only thing that was hindered by this case for me was the swipe from bottom gesture was a little difficult at times but worked great from the top and side bezels. I adjusted to this pretty quickly and it wasn’t really an issue in the long run. The stand options for this case are the best out of any case I have seen. When I had this case on I wasn’t afraid to let a kid play a game on it or friends/family use it without my supervision (sounds silly but I treat my Playbook like a baby lol). If are you are rough on devices at all (few scratches on your phone after a few months) then this is a great case for your Playbook. Only draw back I have with this case is that cleaning the screen sucks. The outside is easy but dust does get under the screen cover and you have to take the whole case apart to clean in. I’m OCD about my screen being clean so this was very annoying for me. No pics taken while this case was on but you will find plenty if you Google it.

Third case I purchased was a similar design to the iCon Carbon (Canada only) one that has been posted on Crackberry. I found Blurex Slim Leather Portfolio Case while searching on Amazon for a case similar to the carbon fiber one. This cases price dropped to $19.99 which is $10 less then when I got it. Was worth it at $30 so I think its a steal at $20 now. This is my favorite case over all from the 3 that I have now. Its the smallest in size with some great viewing angles from its stand options. It covers the front, back and all the corners well awhile leaving the sides a little exposed. This isn’t really a big deal for me because if it drops its more then likely going to land on a protected corner then the sides. This case is very comfortable in my hands when either holding it closed or open and typing on it. The different stand options are very stable and comfortable to type in as well.

Portfolio case
Click here to view more images of this case.

I enjoy all the cases I have for my Playbook and switch between them all. I find myself using the Portfolio case the most now just because its the lightest and very versatile. They all have there uses and I’m sure everyone will find a use for one of these 3 cases.

If anyone was on the fence about a case I hope this helped you pick out a case of your own.

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