Work stress

I have been in sales for 5 years now and its the most fun I have had and some of the most stress I have had as well. I enjoy my job and like to think I go above and beyond to exceed what is expected of me so in times that I still give my 120% focus and fall short of what is expected of me its very stressful and I constantly wonder what I did wrong and feel like I have let people down. I know there are certain things that make my job harder that are out of my control but I do the best I can to overcome those. In this current month I’m so far behind after taking on this new location that my bosses are looking at me like I’m making all the mistakes when in reality I’m just trying to clean up what I walked into. This is a tough position to be in since nobody wants to hear those kind of excuses and only want results. The month isn’t over yet and I have plenty of time to make my come back that I know I’m more then capable of doing so its time for me to just step my game up and do what I know I’m capable of already doing and exceed or at the very least meet the goals that have been set for me.


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